New Labels at Petrol Pumps


3rd September 2019

The Department for Transport has been rolling out a new set of labels for both Diesel and Petrol pumps across the UK. New rules made this a mandatory requirement since 1st September 2019 so all fuel stations in Weymouth and Portland (and the rest of the UK) should have these in place.

There’s no need to worry or change what you do – the fuel is exactly the same. The new labels indicate the maximum percentage of relevant renewable fuel that it contains. E5 now stands for Petrol (up to 5% Ethanol) and B7 now stands for Diesel (up to 7% Biodiesel).

See the below tweet from the Department for Transport:

The important thing (which should hopefully be easy) is to learn the new label to make sure you choose the right fuel. Retailers are likely to continue to call these fuels “petrol” (or “unleaded”) and “diesel”.

Head to the Know Your Fuel Campaign website to find out more.

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