We’re Back!


27th July 2021

We’re back! Although we really never went away. As some of you may know when the first lockdown kicked off back at the start of 2020, we took a back seat when it came to displaying events, activities, news and various other pieces we used to share and promote. At the start of COVID there was a lot of uncertainty but I think one thing was sure, everything was about to stop or change in the way things operate.

As mentioned above we took a back seat and chose to postpone all our events on our site and also not to share any news. We took this decision because of the uncertainty at the start of the first lockdown there was so much news out there we didn’t want to report false information or share things that may not happen. So, we stepped back to avoid confusing users of our site and followers of our Social Media pages and website. We were always still here though, often retweeting news on Twitter that users were sharing with us. Sitting back though it was really brilliant to see the people of Weymouth and Portland (and surround areas) supporting each other and helping each other during the pandemic.

Now that we’ve passed ‘Freedom Day’ and restrictions have been relaxed (if not gone) we’ve decided to pick up where we left off. We will be back sharing events, news, promoting business and sharing anything that may be going on in Weymouth and Portland. As you can imagine we’ve got a lot to catch up on and also populate our site with all the amazing things that are now going on. So we ask to please be patient with us, we are working on it.

One little disclaimer with restrictions being relaxed is if you’re attending any events or activities that have been posted on our site please check in with the venue or organiser if you have any COVID related questions and please think about your own safety and comfort when attending anything in and around Weymouth and Portland. Please also respect organisations and businesses if they have any guidelines in place.

Please keep an eye on our website and socials for all the latest news and events.

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