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Joe Pasquale


03/08/11 - 18/08/11

There are dark days ahead and even darker nights when the sun goes down, but there’s a shining light to help you through them. Joe Pasquale is back, from outer space, he's just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face! Well there's no need to look sad anymore. Its time for the pull my finger tour. But it’s not just any finger! Is it a chocolate finger? I hear you ask, is it an iced finger? Or is it a long thin thumb that looks like a finger? No, it’s the fickle finger of fate, and we dare you to pull it. If this show were a sandwich it would be a mild cheddar and piccalilli. Here's a quote from Doctor Emile Fartknocker; you're going to need some cream for that!

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Alacrify Ltd. 01300 320076. jon@alacrify.co.uk